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09 Jun Hotel sb Diagonal Zero presents: Oliver Huntemann

Si estáis en Barcelona el 20 de junio y buscáis una perfecta simbiosis de ritmos techno y de luz analógica de la madre sol, estareis en el lugar correcto y en el momento adecuado.

Muy cerca del Fórum de Barcelona encontrarás… Djs nacionales e internacionales de muy alto nivel, en un maravilloso espacio al aire libre.

Hotel Zero Barcelona

Everyone who’s in Barcelona on the 20th of june and on the lookout for the perfect symbiosis of uncompromising techno beats and analog light produced by mother sun, seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Close to the Forum in Barcelona you will make a find. You can expect: national and international Djs for a fair entrance in a marvellous open air location.



Für alle, die am 20.6. in Barcelona zugegen sind und die Symbiose aus kompromisslos technoiden Beats und analogem Licht in Form von Sonnenstrahlen suchen, sind scheinbar zur richtigen Zeit in der richtigen Stadt.

Direkt beim Forum in Barcelona werdet ihr fündig werden. Die Devise heißt: fairer Eintritt gegen nationale und internationale Dj’s in einer wunderbaren Open Air Location.


Open Air // All-day-long Bar Service, Food // terrace// Exclusive City Views // Located next to Forum.

Terraza, fiesta al aire libre// Servicio de bar y comida durante todo el día// En frente del Forum//

Please be aware that buying a ticket does not 100% guarantee entrance. The management still reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone they feel is not right for the party.It is very important to us to preserve the special vibe at Diagonal Zero Hotel and we will not jeopardise that for anyone. We know the right people will understand.

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